Most Rewarding Muti-Utility Token for Metaverse and Gaming.

We offer a collaborative patform for game developers and metaverse engineers to integrate our tokens to be used in their projects. This way the users can be engaged and be rewarded everytime they interact with any of our partner apps.

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Inspiration behind "Ratan Coin"

The inspiration behind the name “RatanCoin” comes from the word “Ratan (रत्न)” which is a Sanskrit term for "jewel". People invest in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to jewelry.

About RatanCoin

RatanCoin is the best multi-utility token based on Polygon which can integrate seamlessly with any gaming app or metaverse out there. We're making it simple for people to carry their tokens with every game they play. They can be withdrawn, traded and invested seamlessly on all the major exchanges.



Single coin to be used for multiple purposes, across different platforms.


Multiple Games

RatanCoin is earned by playing a variety of games available on the play store.



RatanLand is a unique metaverse experience, which you can play by owning RatanCoin.


NFTs and More

You can buy RatanLand NFTs using RatanCoin and stake them to earn rewards over time.

Token Details

Here are all the details that you'd like to know regarding RatanCoin.

Name/ Symbol




Chain / Primary Currency

Polygon / MATIC

Total Supply


Key Function

Liquidity Generation

Reward Holder Rewards

2% per transaction

Liquidity Generation

3% per transaction

Utility Domains

Gaming & Metaverse

Token Management

See how we spend our tokens and funds for the growth of our community.

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Let's share our exciting journey so far.

Project Idea and Conception - August, 2021

Technology Building - January, 2022

Token Sale and Marketing - January, 2023

Metaverse Launch - January, 2024

Install Games from Flux Games

We offer users simple to play games on the Android store wherein they can play to earn our crypto tokens with ease. Play more to win more. Transfer the earned tokens to your wallet supporting MRC20, to be later withdrawn or transfered to other currencies.

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  • Play to Earn
  • Transfer RTN to Your Own Wallet
  • Convert RTN to Stable Coins

Building the ultimate metaverse -
Ratan Land

Ratan Land is a unique 3D virtual gaming experience built on Polygon Blockchain technology. Ratan Land has drawn its inspiration from GTA5 and is determined to provide its players an experience like never before.

If you're building your own metaverse, we can integrate RatanCoin with your metaverse too, so that you can simplify the development and focus on growth.

Meet our Team

Veterans in their respective domains, the team of RatanCoin is the perfect combination of all the skills required to make the perfect company. They are a strong force that are going to change the way Cryptocurrencies are perceived.


Karan Bindal - CEO

10+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science), Bachelors in Law, Masters in Business Administration. Previously scaled 10+ companies to over $15 million. Successful exits in the field of technology, advertising, education and hyperlocal startups.

Lokendra Singh - Expert Analyst

8+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science). Avid crypto trader and analyst. Fitness enthusiast working out to build the best token based on Polygon. Leader, reader and dreamer, with 8 years domain expertise in the blockchain technology.

Abhishek Harshay - CTO

7+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Technology (Computer Science), Diploma Data Science from IITB, Pursuing Doctorate in Data Mining (PHD). Technology veteran with hands-on experience in blockchain technology, data mining and marketing. Been a part of over 5 startups.

Divyansh Khurana - CFO

9+ Years Experience
Bachelors in Commerce, Masters in Business Administration, PGPM, Masters in Commerce, Certified Investment Banking Operations Professional. Finance professional with a keen eye on ensuring quality, process development and legal compliances.

Osho Parth - Advisor

9+ Years Experience
Technical Author with a demonstrated history of working in the Cyber Security industry. Strong programmer and communication professional skilled in Cyber Security , Python, PHP, C++, Hybrid Application Development and System Monitoring.

Girraj Tomar - Advisor

Strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen. Highly accomplished with a verifiable track record in fields such as analysis and gathering, business process mapping and the development of interactive prototypes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's clear the doubts that you all may have regarding RatanCoin and it's future.

RatanCoin is the best multi-utility token based on polygon which is used for gaming and metaverses.

The holders get a 2% reward on every transaction made in RatanCoin. They can also stake RatanCoin and get new currencies and NFT gifts over time.

You may buy RatanCoin using swapping available at various exchanges, or you may earn RatanCoin by playing the games listed on our website. Alternatively, you may stake RatanCoin or buy RatanLand NFTs to win recurring rewards.

We're building an open ecosystem of game developers and extending the functionality to integrate RatanCoin with their games. We provide RatanCoin to the game developers in exchange of the prospective ad income or equity in their company. You can reach out to us to understand how we can help you integrate RatanCoin further.
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135, Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore


Working Hours

Mon to Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm